2023 Certified Project Manager: 5 Options for PM Certifications

It contains numerous training modules that teach the individual about the implementation of the Agile practices as well as the Scrum framework. Have you ever planned, budgeted, led, scheduled, or documented the progress of a project? If yes, you have gained a sneak peek into some elements of project management. Projects are team efforts and teamwork is essential to their success.

How to Prepare for Project Management Certifications?

There are different approaches to preparing for Project Management Certification Courses. Some people like to partake in study programs conducted at globally recognized institutes, while others rely on self-taught skills.The key approach to reaping the most benefits from any range of Project Management Certifications is to make an informed decision on getting the “right” certification. It can only happen if you have taken the right course after evaluating its scope in the market, return on investment, and many other job-related possibilities.PMI tests are usually based on 200 questions. According to experts, 25 out of those 200 questions are spontaneous. These questions define the difficulty curve of the computer-generated PMI Certification exam(s).Moreover, a majority of these certifications are based on closed-book policies. Some institutes allow their students to bring reference material to consult with, but PMI strictly prohibits such an approach.

With the in-classroom version of CPPM, you’ll meet as a group over the course of five days. The in-classroom program is scheduled in a variety of ways but most often in a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday format over two weeks. This schedule allows time to absorb materials between class sessions and gives you time back in the office to stay caught up with your work. The program is also an excellent choice for anyone looking to change careers. Enter your information to get access to a virtual open house with the eCornell team to get your questions answered live. Employers will need to fill 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027.

Operational Risk Manager (CORM)

This certification gives value to the business by emphasizing the best project management practices and activities needed for business success. The PMP examination is a vital part of the earning this professional certification thus it is imperative that the exam accurately reflect the practices of project managers. All the questions on the examination have been written and extensively reviewed by subject matter experts who hold a valid PMP and tracked to at least two references. These questions are mapped to the PMP Examination Content Outline to ensure that an appropriate number of questions are in place for a valid examination.

Their pay scale easily https://remotemode.net/s against that of CEOs and high-profile business designations. There are different approaches to preparing for Project Management Certification Courses. Some people like to partake in study programs conducted at globally recognized institutes, while others rely on self-taught skills. On average individuals who are PMP certified earn 20% more than those project managers that do not have the certification. Consider, for example, a portfolio or program manager or the director of a project management office.

In-demand job openings in project management 1

This how to become a project manager is aligned with the PMI’s experts and gives you the required leadership skills to make others accountable. PRINCE2 is an advanced tier degree in the project management certifications chain. You need to clear a couple of pre-requisites; otherwise, the governing administration will not allow you to sit the exam. However, that’s not bad news; it just means that you will be able to complete this certification after clearing a few basic milestones first.

  • Anyone in charge of projects should look into taking thePRINCE2 Practitioner Certification.
  • This fully online program provides the skills you need for an entry-level job in project management, with no relevant experience required.
  • In that case, you know exactly what you need to focus on to gain the experience you need to become a more well-rounded project manager.
  • The roles and responsibilities of a project manager can be challenging at times but becoming a project manager is not too hard.

Thank you for your interest in our certification program, which is truly unique and different in terms of our views and principles. This significantly reduces the risk of failure and allows applicants to save standard costs. If you fail the exam, we recommend that you re-try the trial exam before ordering the real exam to save money.


We can also help prepare you for the Project Management Professional ® exam as you work toward the internationally recognized PMP® certification by PMI®. No matter what your IT role, a project management certification can add value to your career.

  • Earning PMP certification through PMI carries lots of weight in the project management industry.
  • The BVOP Certified Project Manager is for senior practitioners with experience in both project management and people management.
  • Case study questions will usually be more difficult, requiring you to apply your knowledge to a real-world situation.
  • Agile Project Management – ACP Certification is administered by PMI.
  • They mainly focus on managing and delivering projects from the start to finish .
  • The PMP certification test contains 200 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within four hours.

As a result of those findings, most of the leftover companies and institutes have shifted towards the current trend. Otherwise, you won’t be treated as an “accredited/ recognized” individual who is equipped to handle the laborious tasks within the life cycle of a project. Likewise, based on IT Project Management Certifications, such as; Agile, Scrum, or PMP+ modules, the certified manager can overlook an entire workforce responsible for achieving a milestone. The nature of the certification, in turn, determines how the skills of a certified IT Project Manager can be applied and benefited from. Technology training sessions structured around individual or group learning objectives.

Just like CPM, the Professional in Project Management Certification is lined up with risk and crisis management training. There are no prerequisites to sit the exam, other than proof of taking 3 days’ duration training course. CompTIA Project+ is yet another certification within the realm of Project Management Certifications. However, its requirements are slightly less stringent, and it mildly correlates to the computing industry.

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